6A AC/DC Clip-On Current Sensor


This hall-effect current sensor measures ac & dc current. Its compact size makes it ideal for space-limited applications. The clip-on design allows for easy installation and non-intrusive measurements. Neoprene foam grips the wire to hold the sensor in place. This current sensor measures +/- 6A with a buffered, low-impedance 0-5V output. The sensor has a 70 kHz bandwidth, making it ideal for many control system applications. An adjustable reference allows the sensor to interface with various micro-controllers and ADC systems.

This sensor is based around the Melexis 91206 series chip. Visit their site to learn more about this sensing element.



1+ $38

5+ $36

10+ $33.50

25+ $30.25

50+ $28.50

100+ Call For Pricing


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